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Focus Groups & Special Classes

From time to time, I offer special workshops or focus groups. These sessions focus on common problems either in dog training or handling. Some examples are advanced weave workshops, handling serpentines, boxes and threadles, etc. Focus groups are scheduled when I have requests for specific topics or I see students struggling with a common theme.

March 22nd 7pm: How to Compete at Agility Trials

Everything you need to know when you first start trialing

Presented by AKC Judge Michele Fletcher and Lynn Brodie

Are you new to agility? Or maybe you're close to being ready for your first trial? This workshop is for you. This will be a 2 hour workshop without your dog. We will cover a range of topics on what is expected of you as a competitor, what you can expect at a trial, how trials are operated, how to check in and get your course maps, having your dog measured, who to go to for various questions, where and how to crate, trial etiquette, information on some of the local venues, how to volunteer, how to set jumps and so on. There will also be time for any questions you may have on any part of the process. Information provided will be for trials sanctioned by AKC, although many things are common to all trials. Rules discussed will be those of AKC.

Download the PDF file on this here to send to your friends!

When:  March 22, 2017: 7pm to 9pm *rain date April 19
Where: Creekside Canines - outside agility meadow
Cost:   $26 per person (discounted to $25 for cash or check
Online Registration:

Video at right is Lynn's puppy, Psychic at 18 months old, in his very first competition (AKC, Cabarrus Arena & Events Center, NC)